Nela Duke Ekpenyong

Profiles Nela Duke Ekpenyong

Nela Duke Ekpenyong is a conservationist, humanitarian and social entrepreneur. She believes in systemic change and collaboration to solve Africa’s complex, social and environmental problems. She is the CEO of Obudu Conservation Centre (OCC) and the founder of African Nature Alliance, the holding company of Obudu Mountain Farms and EcoTours, an agricultural and ecotourism enterprise that seeks to promote social and conservation efforts in Africa. Nela currently supports and volunteers with a number of key international agencies including Global Citizen. Under OCC Nela is on the communication and policy working group of African CSOs Biodiversity Alliance (ACBA), a coalition working to influence the post-2020 CBD Framework by managing external communications of the Alliance at a country level.


Nela has worked in the development sector for almost a decade and with a background in International Relations and Politics, she has a sound awareness of the socio-political issues that plague developing nations in Africa. Nela received her undergraduate degree from Loughborough University and is currently completing her MBA for Conservation Leaders at ALUBS.