Womens Woodlot Reserve

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Womens Woodlot Reserve

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Womens Woodlot Reserve

Goal: To protect and reforest the Airplane Field Forest Patch situated on the Obudu Cattle Ranch.

Why: The forest acts as a water source for the local community and the wildlife in the area. It is also a home
to many species, some of which are endemic to the region. Lastly, the forest serves as an attraction on the ranch,
which fuels tourism on the Plateau.

Objective 1: Stop the chopping down of trees in the forest by the local community for fire wood and timber.

Objective 2: Stop herders from bush burning in the area for their cattle. The bush burning can result in forest fires.
Objective 3: To stop the grazing of cattle in the area to allow for the forest to regenerate.

Objective 4: To stop the hunting of the animals in the forest for bush meat.

Objective 5: Employ and empower youth’s in the community to protect the region.

Alternative: Reforestation programme.

At the bottom the forest is an open grassland where we will start the reforestation programme where tree  seedlings were collected to raise fast growing indigenous trees (Kola parivapa, Carapa procera, Madagasca spp and Isobelina doka) to plant along the edge of the forest reserve. These species were  selected because of their economic benefits to the community. The leaves and fruits are used and traded  as vegetables and medicine respectively, and the wood is harvested for timber.

Volunteers: The OCC has received 12 volunteers from the Okpazange youths for the programme.