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OCC Pillars


Education is at the forefront of the OCC’s agenda. To educate this generation on the importance of conservation means to save the next. The OCC is an Education Centre seeks to develop a new generation of environmentalists through advocacy and educational camps.


The Foundation believes in Community based conservation. We will also be operating as a community outreach centre for the local community. The OCC will hold programmes which will educate and empower the surrounding communities.


The aims to be a research Hub in the region for botany, ornithology, and primatology. The Foundation looks to assist in the tracking, monitoring and research of the animals in the region to assist with the preservation and restoration efforts.


A strong component of the community’s economic well-being is tourism in the region. The Foundation strongly encourages tourism and travelling in the region. The Centre holds guided tours which range from 1-day excursions to expeditions into Cameroon and Mountaineering.



We work to protect, restore and increase awareness of the wild lands and wildlife on Obudu Plateau and the surrounding Cross River National Park and Cameroon’s Takamanda National Park. We seek to generate healthier economic opportunities for local communities and promote care of our natural world.


To create and live in a world which understands human dominance is not to control and destroy but to utilise and grow with a generation of soldiers who will one day join the fight against animal cruelty, depletion of our natural resources and the destruction of our planet.


About OCC

The Obudu Conservation Centre, located on the Obudu Plateaus over 1500m above sea level was established by Mrs. Onari Duke, the former First Lady of Cross River State, Professor John Oates, a world-renowned primatologist and Mr. Disun Holloway in 2002. The organisation is a not-for-profit, non-governmental organisation dedicated to educating, protecting and restoring the wildlife and wild lands of the Obudu Region and the surrounding Cross River National Park, which runs into Cameroon’s Takamanda National Park. The Centre is situated amidst several mountain ranges, hundreds of acres of forest, meadows, streams and spectacular rock formations. On the plateau, there is a wildlife canopy walkway and several miles of a hiking trail for school groups to safely observe natures outdoors. The centre is also outfitted with comfortable and safe student and chaperone chalets for overnight trips.


Onari Duke

Mrs. Onari Duke is a philanthropist, lawyer, entrepreneur and UN certified trainer. She founded the Obudu Conservation Centre in 2002 to provide hands-on nature experiences, knowledge, appreciation and sustainability of the environment. Onari is also the Chairman of the Child Survival and Development Organisation of Nigeria (CS-DON).

Professor John Oates

Professor John Oates is a leader in African primate conservation and a former professor in anthropology in Hunter Univerisy, New York. Oates has conducted field research in Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Equatorial Guinea, India, Liberia, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, and Uganda and has written several influential books.

Disun Holloway

Mr. Disun Holloway is a former Commissioner of Tourism and Inter-Governmental Relations in Lagos State.

Phil Hall

Phil has over 40 years’ experience in Nigeria predominantly in the environmental sector. He initially worked for the State Government as the Chief Ecologist in NE Nigeria for 15 years and was responsible for the development of a protected area policy for the region. He is on the Board of numerous NGOs in the country...


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